Corporate Identity & website

Toxeos Offer Rich Data Profiling For Established MedTechs, Healthcare-Focused VCs, & Scaleups, through robust segmentation and precision targeting generating additional insights and a strong competitive edge to MedTech.


Toxeos Brief

During the start up of Toxeos we assisted them witht he creation of their logo and corporate identity. We also created teh first iteration for their website. We were happy to hear they wanted to take it to the next level after being operative for a few years. By that time the logo had been well excepted and a new website was in order. We worked on creating user flow wireframes to ensure a logical information architecture and optimal conversion. Once we and the client were happy with this we designed and developed toxeos 2.0, a responsive website that clearly outlines their business model in the most understandable way.

Logo design

The client’s choice of name came from the Greek word for ‘crossbow’; “το τόξο” – Toxeos. Due to it’s meaning we focussed on the letter X – cross in the wording and stylised this into an arrow symbolising innovation and evolution, the way forward. The choice of colours and branding support their corporate side and b2b model.

Toxeos responsive website

The Toxeos website had two requirements, to communicate what the business does and stands for and convert visitors to contact Toxeos for a free demo. Although Toxeos is a B2B model we worked with graphic elements to establish a tone of voice that expresses innovation and use of new technologies. The challenge was to explain the business in a visual and compact way so it would be easy to understand. So next to a visual concept we laid out he full site in wireframes and proceeded to the design phase once we had an optimal user journey and information architecture.