Brand, Web and App for MedTech

Rods&Cones is one of Europe’s leaders in remote access technology for medical experts. Rods&Cones solution uses a technology that empowers surgeons, medical device specialists, and other experts to work together – remotely.


Rods & Cones, the brief

Rods&Cones has been a long time client of ours and asked us for a complete rebranding, a new website and user interface design for their remote access technology. The technology is used by surgeons and medical experts worldwide to connect and interact during surgery with the use of smart glasses. We wanted to create a consistent branding and make it workable for their corporate identity, web presence. The mobile app is used for connecting to the platform while the user interface is web based and required an intuitive and easy to use interface that allows experts and surgeons to communicate from anywhere in the world during surgery.

Brand design concept

The new logo and branding needed to reflect their professionalism and technology while being accessible for medical experts. We took it to the drawing boards and worked on concepts for their brand and delivered a brand identity that looks fresh and clean while retaining their premium sense for technology and innovation. We wanted to reflect the business and name in the logo in the most pure and uninterrupted way resulting in a timeless brand that is strong, innovative and recognisable.

The new identity

After the initial conceptual stage we delivered a new fresh look for our client. This included the new logo and brand guidelines defining colours, fonts and logo usage.

Rods&Cones online

Following the rebranding, we closely worked with our client to determine purpose and goals for their website. We started on focussing and working on the wireframes to lay out all pages and make sure the user journey and user interface match the website’s goals. The website’s focus is on innovation and technology while optimising the user journey resulting in excellent conversion. Visit the website here.

Mobile and web application user interface design

At the core of Rods & Cones’ business is the remote expert web application. Once the surgeon and remote expert have logged in for remote access, the web based app shows the view of the surgeon on the experts screen, where he can make annotations, change views and has other functionalities. The expert can communicate via the web app to the surgeons smart glasses’s visor. We created a user friendly and intuitive user interface that covers all functionalities and the mobile app the surgeon uses to log into the software.