Brand Identity & marketing

Chimplinks is South East Asia’s leader in free wifi setups for the hospitality industry. With clients in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia, Chimplinks targets restaurants and hotels offering a free WiFi solution while collecting user data for marketing purposes.

The brief

When the people of Chimplinks contacted us for their brand identity design we analysed their mission statement and target audience. Chimplinks targets a young and dynamic audience in the restaurant and hotel business with a primary focus on innovation and offering free internet solutions. The end user logs onto the Chimplinks website and gets free wifi connection, the brand needed to reflect the honest and open approach for the new start up in the free internet service.

Logo design

In order to achieve a well balanced icon that can support the brand we used the golden ratio to shape the monkey face that is the main logoshape. This method in design creates graphic shapes such as logos and icons that feel balanced and natural. With this approach we achieved a recognisable stylised icon at the core of the brand identity. 

The new identity

To support their new logo and icon we developed fresh and contemporary brand guidelines, including colours, font and logo use. The brand reflects the innovative accessible approach of the business and with its fresh young identity targets the young audience within the South East Asian region.