Online booking & marketing design

Bikago is South East Asia’s leader in motorbike and scooter rental. During the last years their online bookings took up most of the bookings and a new online booking system was ready for a redesign.


The Brief

As the leader of motorbike rental franchise in South-East Asia. Bikago was due for a website/booking engine overhaul. Central to the redesign were user friendliness, user journey and experience. The booking process had to be simple, straightforward and transparant. Having 10+ models and multiple locations with multiple pick up and drop off locations it required a rethinking of structure and flow. Aside from the new online booking redesign the brief included setting up their brandg uidelines, marketing material design and franchise kit. After we received the new logo we set up their brand identity with additional graphical elements and color palettes to align the atmosphere and look and feel.

Online booking engine redesign

The new logo and branding needed to reflect their professionalism and technology while being accessible for medical experts. We took it to the drawing boards and worked on concepts for their brand and delivered a brand identity that looks fresh and clean while retaining their premium sense for technology and innovation. We wanted to reflect the business and name in the logo in the most pure and uninterrupted way resulting in a timeless brand that is strong, innovative and recognisable. Visit the website here.

Frachise pack

For aligning local franchises for Bikago we designed the digital and printed franchise publication that features the investment opportunities, guidelines and requirements in a friendly and accessible design.

Marketing materials

Aside from the new website we worked on promoiting their business by designsing brochures and other POS materials.